One day you will miss me.

I Love You. I Love every part of your being. I accepted you with all your flaws and imperfections; raw and unvarnished. I have always cared about and respected your emotions and feelings. But you take me for granted all the time. You never cared about my emotions and never tried to understand my feelings. I can’t bear this pain of feeling neglected for too long. I want to feel Loved in return. I want to be taken care of too. You never understand me. There will come a day when I get tired of your neglect, and I will leave. Maybe then you will see just how much I Loved you. You will miss my hugs and kisses, my out of the blue fights, and my mood swings. You will miss my morning cuddles and kisses; all those messages that I sent to show my Love for you, my obsession and affection for you, even the fights and the arguments. You may not understand the intensity of the Love I have for you, but one day you might when you have finally lost me forever.

Neena Gupta